Interview bij PLAY room Zaandam

Live performance and interview (in Dutch) with Robert Pennekamp at PLAY room in Zaandam, the Netherlands, Sunday 21 July 2019.

Video made by: Noel Stavropoulos – MOLON LABE PRODUCTIONS

Preparing the performance…

The preparation of the performance. Theme was Plastic. Many products are sold to use it only once. Pollution, wasted craftmanship, wasted materials, transport… just because some customers will buy it as cheap as possible. In my opinion something has to be done about this. Art can’t change things. At the end of the performance it is transformed in an installation of what is left over of the performance It is exposed at de Verskade in the exhibition space of Eropuit.

To be seen at the Summer exhibition

In the former cheese shop in the Verskade, PLAY room will exhibit 3 installations this summer. The works are an addition to the summer exhibition ‘Eropuit’ in PLAY room.
Artists Robert Roelink, Evelien de Jong and Robert Pennekamp each show an installation in the Verskade. To officially open this extra exhibition space, Robert Pennekamp will hold a performance on the terrace of the Verskade on Sunday 21 July at 2 p.m. You can then raise your glass in PLAY room at this special exhibition.

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